Specialized Music Instruction

Fingerstyle Guitar

  • Learn the beauty of classical style and technique! Master famous pieces and compositional works that people will applaud; while also gaining a better understanding of the guitar fretboard, music theory, and composition.

Jazz Guitar

  • Learn proven techniques which will take your playing to the next level, through gaining a deeper understanding of the harmony of tunes and truly internalizing the music.
  • Gain more confidence in your improvisations and navigation of the chord changes as well as a freeing your expressive capabilities through greater familiarization of harmonic and melodic movement.

Composition & Theory

  • Learn to create original music while becoming an expert in music  theory. With a clear and systematic approach to teaching music theory as it is applied directly to the act of creating and understanding music.
  • Gain an understanding of various theoretical concepts as they are both currently and historically relevant.
  • Learn strategies for creative lyric writing and music.
  • Create melodies and how to effectively harmonize a song.